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Having recently moved to Malta from the UK I have utilised the public transport as much as possible after experiencing the frantic nature of driving here in my first couple of weeks in a hire car. Being a small island of only 316km2 with a population of 450,000, Malta is home to an incredible 330,000 registered cars which as you might imaging causes chaos at peek times which is magnified in the narrow streets.

The public transport network here has good coverage, but regularly receives criticism for busses being late and often not appearing at all- which is normally the case when you have somewhere important to be. On my way to my last interview (for the job I now have) after waiting 30 minutes for the bus I ended up walking to the next town.

Enough of the back story, to the tech already!

So the public transport routes are all mapped on Google Maps which is invaluable but as I mentioned earlier buses often make their own schedule. Fortunately there is a mobile app for iOS & Android that provides love bus times which is fantastic!

However, the application is built in Cordova entirely around Google Maps meaning it is useless without a network connection. Granted live updates are not possible without a network connection but a limited 3g connection is sufficient to


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